Nut Nibbles: Artisan unique snacks

Looking for a snack that's wholesome and delicious? Fruit Forest Nut Nibbles are nutritious clusters of nuts, seeds and fruit bound together by natural rice malt. We take the highest quality nuts and dried fruits and slowly dry roast them to bring out all their intense flavour and natural goodness. After that they’re carefully shaped into perfect bite-sized nibbles. The result is a crunchy, healthy, 100% natural snack that you’re certain to fall in love with once you’ve tried them!

Good for you and the world around you

You won’t find artificial additives or preservatives in Fruit Forest recipes. We use only the finest natural ingredients and traditional processes to give you a delicious eating experience. Vegan is one of our core brand values, so we don't use honey or dairy ingredients in our snacks. Similar products often use glucose syrup, but we've found a delicate natural rice malt to bind our fruits, nuts and seeds together. By using natural ingredients and sourcing responsibly, we benefit you and the world around you.

The NUTritional snack

Funnily enough, the first three letters in the word nutrition spell nut. Few snacks offer the energy boost that Fruit Forest Nut Nibbles give you. These plant-based snacks are packed with natural protein, dietary fibre, minerals, complex carbohydrates and essential fats, making them an ideal snack for mid-morning, late afternoon or after the gym. Getting your recommended daily intake of nuts has never been easier or more fun!