A healthier alternative to sugar, honey or agave syrup

Fruit Forest Sweetening Syrup is ideal for sweetening anything. Extracted from carob and apple and nothing else, it's 100% natural and contains no artificial additives. Our gentle extraction process preserves the fruit fibre, and with 25% fewer calories than refined sugar, it's a healthier alternative to honey, agave syrup and other sweeteners. No bees are harmed and no weird ingredients are added - we prefer to be natural and do good for you and the world around you.

Ideal to sweeten anything!

Anytime you tend to use sugar, you could pick our multi-functional sweetening syrup instead. During the day in your coffee or tea? Absolutely perfect! In the evening in your lemonade of mojito? Even that works! Also in your breakfast bowl with fruit, yoghurt or cereals it gives that soft sweet goodness that you'll love. And we can pretty safely claim that you won't find a better topping for on your pancakes or salads. Replace the sugar or honey in your baked items or diner recipes with sweetening syrup as well. In short: it's ideal to sweeten anything!

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