Fruit Forest: the healthy snacking revolution

Founded in 2018, Fruit Forest feels that with our increasingly busy lives, the need for on-the-go snacks and in-between-meals food is greater than ever. But it’s oh-so easy to make unhealthy choices, particularly when you're in a hurry. Forbidden fruit always tastes the sweetest, right? Well no! We wondered why this should be true and set out to prove the opposite. Great taste is absolutely our number 1 priority, but we believe flavour should go hand-in-hand with health benefits. Our mission is to offer snacks that are much better for you, yet taste just as good as the unhealthy alternatives, or better. Try Fruit Forest and join the healthy snacking revolution!

Back to 100% natural

Here at Fruit Forest, we believe in mother nature and all she has to offer. That's why we only source ingredients derived from nature. You don't need artificial flavours to create a great eating experience and long lists of E-numbers, like those found in most snacks, are an absolute no-no. It's only since relatively recently that artificial products have been part of the human diet. After centuries of only eating natural foods, we believe it's time to go back to them. Doesn’t that just feel more… natural?!

The plant-based revolution

Consumers are increasingly aware of the natural benefits of plant-based products, which is why demand for them is growing. We want to contribute to a sustainable future and aim to offer you tempting products that support this goal. Fruit Forest is 100% vegan and we’re proud of it. In our fruit snacks, we use flower-based pectin instead of cheaper pork gelatin. The same goes for honey: the world needs bees more than ever. So we use fruit-based sweetener instead. No pigs or bees were harmed during the production of our products! These are just two examples of our sustainable practices. In short: By choosing Fruit Forest, you make a responsible choice for the future of our planet. 

Healthy snacks for all ages

The combination of sweet and savoury flavours makes our products delicious and interesting. That's why they appeal to both adults and young people. And since eating and snacking are often part of a social occasion, why not enjoy taste sensations with your family? So whether you want to give your child a guilt-free treat during a long school day or boost your energy just before exercising, Fruit Forest offers exactly what you need.

Find Fruit Forest at:

Fruit Forest Europe
Europalaan 400-5
3526 KS Utrecht
The Netherlands