100% Natural, Vegan Healthy Snacks

Your new favourite range of alternative, plant-based snacks! Good for you and the world around you.

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Real Fruit Snacks

Soft chewy bites for young and old

Enjoy the taste of summer! Fruit Forest Real Fruit Snacks contain 98% fruit with no artificial colours, preservatives or genetically modified ingredients. As a result, they are 100% natural, high in fibre and vegan. Over 210g of juicy fresh fruit is squeezed into every pouch of delicious Real Fruit Snacks. With an irresistible soft texture and fresh taste, they are a healthy treat at home or on the go. Enjoy them wherever and whenever you like!

Now available in 4 delicious flavours: Strawberry, Peach, Mango Passion Fruit and Raspberry.

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Chocolate Fruit Snacks

Real Fruit Snack coated in delicious premium Belgian chocolate

Fruit Forest Chocolate Fruit Snacks are a magical combination of our beloved Real Fruit Snack (made from 98% fruit!) and Belgian dark chocolate that delivers a delightful eating experience. These mouthwatering vegan snacks are not only high in fibre, they also contain no artificial preservatives or colours. What are you waiting for? Fruit Forest Chocolate Fruit Snacks are simply irresistible. 

Available in 2 delicious flavours: Peach and Raspberry.

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Nut Nibbles

Crunchy clusters with all the flavour and nutrition of nuts, seeds and fruit

Fruit Forest Nut Nibbles are nutritious clusters of nuts, seeds and fruit bound together by natural rice malt, not glucose syrup or honey. The result is a crunchy, healthy, 100% natural snack with no artificial additives or preservatives. Fruit Forest Nut Nibbles offer all the nutritional benefits of nuts, seeds and fruit, while the subtle combination of sweetness and salt perfectly balances the natural flavours. Packed with natural protein, dietary fibre, minerals, complex carbohydrates and essential fats, they are the ideal snack for mid-morning, late afternoon or after the gym.

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Sweetening Syrup

A natural alternative for sweetening drinks, cereals, baked items and much more

Fruit Forest Sweetening Syrup is ideal for sweetening anything. Extracted from carob and apple and nothing else, it's 100% natural and contains no artificial additives. Our gentle extraction process preserves the fruit fibre, and with 25% fewer calories than refined sugar, it's a healthier alternative to honey, agave syrup and other sweeteners. All this makes it perfect for adding a sweet neutral taste to your hot and cold drinks, jams, pancakes, yogurts, salad dressings and baked items. 

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Crispy Bites

Sweet crispy snacks made from 100% natural ingredients

Fruit Forest Crispy Bites are a tasty revolution in healthy snacking. We take crispy extruded rice and popped quinoa, lovingly blend them with fruit chunks and sunflower seeds, shape them into bite-sized balls with our very own Fruit Forest Sweetening Syrup and then gently bake them in the oven. The result is a sweet fruity snack packed with protein, dietary fibre and positive energy. They are the ideal, all-natural treat at home or on the go. Enjoy them wherever and whenever you like! 

Available in 2 delicious flavours: Apple and Raspberry

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