Chocolate Fruit Snacks - Deliciously Vegan!

Chocolate Fruit Snacks are the latest addition to the Fruit Forest range of healthier, vegan snacks. Based on our much-loved Real Fruit Snacks (containing 98% fruit!), Fruit Forest Chocolate Fruit Snacks are a new deliciously indulgent treat for the responsible consumer. A magical combination of rich, ripe fruit flavours coated in Belgian dark chocolate that delivers a delectable eating experience!

100% Vegan Snacks

We spent a lot of effort sourcing the smoothest, dairy-free premium dark chocolate to enrobe our fruit snacks. Not surprisingly, we found it in Belgium. The mouth-watering result is not only vegan, but also high in fibre. The juicy flavour of the real fruit centre combines with the rich dark chocolate coating to deliver a magically intense taste explosion. As a result, they are a high-end treat for anyone who loves chocolate or fruit.

Healthier and more responsible

With Fruit Forest, you no longer have to choose between healthier treats or great tasting snacks. The range offers several ideal options for retailers and consumers who are committed to responsible food choices, but still want vegan treats without sacrificing flavour. With its growing product range, Fruit Forest is rapidly building a loyal following, and its new Chocolate Fruit Snacks are only going to attract more fans.

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