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Crispy Bites: now in store!

July 26 2020

The Fruit Forest brand is rapidly becoming known for its growing range of natural, healthy, vegan snacks. Our latest innovation is Crispy Bites: a tasty revolution in healthy snacking. Bite-sized balls of crispy extruded rice and popped quinoa are lovingly blended with fruit chunks and sunflower seeds, bound together with our own Fruit Forest Sweetening Syrup and gently baked in the oven. At the product launch at world leading confectionery show ISM in Cologne, Crispy Bites received enormous interest and great feedback from international trade, the business press and even German RTL TV.

Unique sensory experience

With Fruit Forest, you no longer have to choose between healthy nibbles or great tasting snacks. We have made every effort to give you both. Crispy Bites stimulate a range of senses: a sweet, natural aroma, a sweet, delicious fruity taste and an unrivalled crispy mouthfeel. It all adds up to a unique sensory experience. As a result, you will want to enjoy Crispy Bites again and again rather than other bland-tasting natural products.

Healthy and sustainable

At 25g per pack, Crispy Bites are the ideal between-meals snack, especially if you want a change from an ordinary muesli bar. These sweet fruity balls are packed with protein, dietary fibre, essential unsaturated fats and positive energy to help keep you fit and active. And as well as being healthy, Crispy Bites are vegan, 100% natural and non-GMO, so they are good for you and the world around you.

Distribution to various on- and offline channels throughout Europe has started. Not in your local store yet? Get in touch to see how we can change that!

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