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New! Fruit Forest Nut Nibbles

March 31 2021

Yet another truly original addition to the Fruit Forest snacking range! After the astounding reception of our Crispy Bites, we now offer you a NUTricious and delicious new series: Nut Nibbles. Interested in these revolutionary snacks? Read on and try them yourself!

Artisan nutritious nut snacks

Wondering what makes Fruit Forest Nut Nibbles so unique? We take the highest quality nuts, seed and dried fruits, bind them with a natural rice malt and slowly dry roast them to bring out their intense flavour and natural goodness. After that they're carefully shaped into perfect bite-size nibbles.

The result of this unique production process is a tasty, crunchy, natural and vegan snack. Packed with natural protein, dietary fibre, minerals, complex carbohydrates and essential fats, they are your ideal snack for mid-morning, late afternoon or after the gym. Getting your recommended daily intake of nuts has never been easier or more fun!

2 delicious flavour combinations

Fruit Forest Nut Nibbles come in 2 varieties: Almond-Blueberry and Pistachio-Cranberry. Both have their own intense characteristic flavour profile. The format is a 140g stand-up pouch, ideal for family sharing!

The snacks are now in stock and ready to be distributed to stores worldwide. Request Fruit Forest Nut Nibbles at your favorite store now!


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