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Fruit Forest in India

July 24 2020

One of the first countries that welcomed Fruit Forest with open arms is India. Young and old have fallen for the unique offer of healthier vegan snacks without added sugar.

Since 2019 we're working with Keventer Agro as our local partner. As a result of their efforts, the Real Fruit Snacks have become available at numerous online and offline channels, including Starbucks, Amazon, Flipkart and many more. There's even an local website and webshop for all our Indian friends: visit www.fruitforest.in. And follow the very active Instagram page as well: instagram.com/fruitforest.in

We're confident that Fruit Forest should appeal to consumers world-wide and not just the countries around us. India is a prime example and paves the way for further international expansion. Join the healthy snacking revolution today!

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